Restaurant Week
brunch menu

3 courses | $25pp

first course | choose one

  • corn soup
  • spinach chaat

    crispy baby spinach | shallots | chopped tomatoes | sweet yogurt | tamarind chutney (gf, v by request)

  • tandoori roasted beet salad

    arugula | blue cheese | orange segments | walnuts| citrus lemon dressing (gf, v by request)

second course | choose one

  • masala omelet

    eggs | tomatoes | onions | chili | served with desi home fries and baby naan

  • vindaloo egg skillet

    two sunny side eggs | pork sausage | cheddar cheese | desi home fries | grilled challah

  • spicy chicken ‘n’ waffle

    panko crusted boneless chicken breast | butter | parsley | sriracha | sweet chili | maple syrup

  • chicken tikka wrap served with spicy masala fries

    tandoori chicken breast | english cucumber | tomato | chili aioli | pan seared flaky paratha

  • chicken makhani served with saffron basmati rice

    free range | boneless breast | fresh tomato

  • chole bhature

    chickpeas | tomato | onions | pomegranate juice | puffed bread (v by request)

  • paneer tikka masala

    tandoori marinated house-made paneer | fresh tomato | red onion | ginger | garlic (gf)

third course | choose one

  • chocolate chai pot de crème
  • saffron kheer

v-vegan gf-gluten friendly n-nut allergy

Our kitchen prepares menu items that include dairy, gluten, nuts, shellfish and soy We cannot guarantee menu items to be completely allergen free. There is a maximum of two credit card payments per table. A 20% gratuity may be added to parties of five or more. No coupons or sharing, pricing per person.

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